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Jun 19, - I can only achieve orgasm defecating in a diaper,” Jason*, my college boyfriend, said as he sat on my dorm room bed. I had considered myself an open-minded person. I thought your heart told you whom to love, and I thought sexual fetishes were healthy. This statement rocked my belief. Jason and I had. How Do You Like To Poop? - Stinky, Squishy & Proud - [DD] Boards & Chat Mindi. Age: 23. i am a playful girl who enjoys sex and play a lot. I do it because i like it, i can be an angel but you can be sure there's always the little devil peeking not afar. I'll be looking forward to meeting and pleasing you! Make sure you hide your porn Most of the time I am changed soon after, but sometimes she will keep me in my poopy pants for awhile if she is preoccupied when another activity or just to remind whom is in control. Pooping in a diaper for me is the ultimate joining of my diaper fetish and coprophilia. I just adore pushing a firm poop into the back of my diaper and feeling it tent out and then a few seconds later that naughty smell hits my nose. After that I go about business as I normally would. Nice! I used to be much the. Celine. Age: 30. I'm not like other girls you will feel completely comfortable with me, I'm clean kind and curvy let me help you relax and unwind Omegle Chats! Mar 21, - Tell me more about the distinction between those who are interested in adult baby diapers for a sexual or fetish reason and those who are into them for other reasons. From a fetish From a fetish side, people think that if someone is a ABDL, they must be into water sports or scat, which is not true. I know a. Nov 28, - Now let's assume the worst: in addition to all of the above, your boyfriend is having an affair with someone in another city who's also into diapers and those may not be his dirty diapers (or his shit) you found in his bag when you were snooping looking high and low for a pen. Cheating isn't okay, of course.

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Carmella. Age: 19. Hey guys Look NO Further Diaper fetishism, also known as diaperism is a type of sexual fetish that involves an individual who gets sexually aroused from wearing a diaper. Diapers. Photo by David . Coprophilia, also termed as scat or scatophilia, is a kind of sexual fetish where people get sexual satisfaction from feces. Most fetishists enjoy the sight. I was getting kind of tired of being Mukilteo's warden anyway the pay was ample, but any shadow president who's a criminally insane, latent homosexual, mentally disordered sex offender with a shit fetish who wears a diaper can be a real pain in the career. At least he has pleasant accommodations at the home for shit. Nov 15, - Simple explanation. "M'lady, might I propose to you that I be allowed to have sex with you in the missionary position?" "No." The woman has clearly.


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