Why husbands spank their wives

Mar 15, - Why does everyone say spank your wife? And not husbands. Do you think wives are the only one to misbehave? Don't men misbehave? Don't you think there are men who disrespect their wives. And surprisingly, nobody talks of disciplining them. Why a man should be the one to take charge? This article. 6 Big Reasons a Spanked Wife Is a Happy Wife - The Head of Household Sensi. Age: 27. If you are looking for some sensual companionship to spice up your evening or to help making that boring business trip fun? Let me entertain you! I'm Ukraine Part of the traditional arrangement included preteen boys little brothers finding out teenage girls big sisters still got spanked by their parents. It remained shut throughout the rest of the evening. That a patient, yet firm, across the knees, bare-bottom spanking (hand or paddle)/ whipping(switch or strap) is personal, humiliating, and painful is well known. Most wives, even if they have watched or heard their husbands spank their children, wonder how their husbands would take them in hand if sufficiently provoked. Violetta. Age: 25. Want to explore those dirty fantasies? A Few Thoughts on Wives Apr 13, - She and her husband parted ways recently, and she feels as if the lack of spanking in their relationship might be related to this (sadly). Her story shows, that women might no even know how great a sound spanking can be. Yes have read the guide. Many guides. We discussed for a week then one day my. Some husbands dont spank so much as to punish you for a specific thing. Some husbands spank just to remind you whose boss and to keep you sweet and not bitchy towards him- to maintain respect. Most men who spank do it for a combination of all these reasons. Some men spank because their wives have asked them.

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Nunziatella. Age: 19. What can I tell you Apr 12, - In , a Hagerstown, MD husband spanked his wife for not having dinner ready. All across the country, wives were spanked for talking too much, for political differences, for returning late from Bible class, for not addressing him as “sir,” for objecting to their child being spanked, for a misbehaving poodle. Oct 3, - The first and most common argument against Christian husband's disciplining their wives is the belief that a husband and wife are equal partners in marriage While I do not support all the methods prescribed by Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) movement (a group that advocates for wife spanking and. Sep 20, - What a crazy question right? Of course, we all know the answer is NO the Bible does not allow a man to spank his wife. Case closed. This is the typical way that many moral questions are answered today by Christians without them even cracking open their Bible. Wife spanking might be wrong – but.


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