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Urolagnia is a form of salirophilia in which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. The term has origins in the Greek language (from ouron – urine, and lagneia – lust). Contents. [hide]. 1 Overview; 2 Common variations; 3 Frequency; 4 Notable urophiliacs; 5 See also; 6 References  ‎Salirophilia · ‎Rockbitch · ‎Havelock Ellis · ‎Troughman. Drinking pee for sexual pleasure - Sexual Health - Men Forum - eHealthForum Romi. Age: 20. Make appointment 1 hr before the meeting Dr Griffiths also points out how, in a medical journal, it was found "urine fulfilled many different functions for urophiles. Jan 11, - "Urophiliacs typically derive sexual pleasure from urinating on (and / or being urinated upon by) another person," writes Dr Griffiths. "Some urophiliacs may also bathe in urine, enjoy smelling people in urine-soaked clothes, and/or engage in urophagia (i.e., drinking the urine)." It is typically men who are. Carlota. Age: 27. With me you will get nothing less than the best !!! Drinking pee for sexual pleasure (Page 1) Jan 19, - spoke with one anonymous woman and two anonymous men who are turned on by peeing and being peed upon, also known as a golden shower. I also get excited seeing a picture or video of a woman urinating. Man C: A big part of the pleasure is the holding/desperation for me. Nov 29, - Urophilia, also known as "golden showers" or "watersports," is a sexual variation where people derive pleasure from urine or urination.1 The arousal is associated with smelling, feeling, or tasting urine, as well as urinating on someone or being urinated on by someone else. Sometimes, the pleasure derives.

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Andrea. Age: 23. Hello gentleman! Mar 27, - Golden shower is a sexual fetish which may take the form of urinating in front of someone or on the body or face of a sexual partner. Extremes of the fetish lead people to drink urine or bathe in it. The act of drinking urine is called urophagia. Others find pleasure in urinating in public, watching others urinate. Mar 4, - Id love to be walking down the street & suddently see a guy peeing on a tree or wall or light post. . love sex then the best way to dominate them is to ask them to take the golden shower, you will have great pleasure releasing your load and she will have great fun to see how hard and sexy mistress you are. Drinking pee for sexual pleasure. Personally I love peeing in a guy's mouth and having him swallow. A man drinking a woman's urine for long term will cause serious damage! estrogen and progesterone are in plenty in a ladies urine and ingestion of same will lead to developement of secondary.


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