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Oct 20, - In this three-part blog I'm going to examine three dominant and powerful women: The Dominatrix, Cuckoldress, and the Hot Wife, and the men who seemingly need them. In Part I, I'll discuss the Dominatrix. Part II will address the lesser known Cuckoldress and Hot Wife. And in Part III, I'll examine the. What is findom? A submissive man explains the fetish | The Independent Genevieve. Age: 24. Therefore, I want you to remember me as a break into this circle, as something which is not a deja-vous, but totally new! Whether that's in public, in private with a third person or over a webcam is irrelevant; the point is that many women are aroused by the idea of becoming a spectacle and receiving admiration and lust from multiple viewers. I love the idea of a woman being dominant with me. Forcing me to eat her out, ordering me what to do, even fucking me with a strapon. But, I [Fetish] Being dominated by a small girl is my biggest fantasy. Melina. Age: 25. Sexxxy, Naughty, charming, Adventurous, and Very Attractive!! 8 Sexual fetishes women have that men are clueless about 5 days ago - 8 Sexual fetishes women have that men are clueless about Here are a few female fetishes your pea brain probably had no idea she had, and what to do about them. In fact, in the survey, submission was the #1 fantasy women reported, with 21 percent of them saying they'd love to be dominated. Mar 24, - Of all the sexual fetishes in the world, financial domination has perhaps one of the most glamourous images. Beautiful women are sent money and lavished with expensive gifts by men who want next-to-nothing in return - it's all about submitting to the dominant woman and relinquishing control over your.

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Brenda. Age: 22. some sweet about ME:) Worse, you may get infatuated by dominant females (it's a known fetish!) and get your judgment clouded by your infatuation. You'll soon realize that these women are actually insulting and heartless. Table of Contents [hide]. Important. 1 How To Control Your Girlfriend: Obey This ONE Rule; 2 Manipulate Her Emotional. May 24, - 'But why would a woman want to be dominated', some people said. 'What's the point of feminism if women allow men to order them around in the bedroom?' This response is perhaps understandable on the surface, but it misses the point. Sexual kinks and fetishes do not (usually) translate from the. Jul 2, - The fetish of financial domination basically entails men transferring large sums of money to women over the internet. The nuances vary, but a relationship can stretch rundown of what the financial-domination fetish entails? Cleo Tantra: To me, financial domination is about dominating someone financially.


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