Facial skin discoloration patches

Melasma: Tips for managing. Melasma is a common skin problem that causes brown to gray-brown patches on the face. Although the exact causes of melasma are unclear, common triggers include sun exposure, pregnancy, birth control pills, and cosmetics. If you have melasma, dermatologists recommend the following. Natural Solutions for Dark Spots, Uneven Skin Tone, and Discoloration Mckenzie. Age: 21. Ich bin eine bildhubsche 33 jahrige 1 White lip bumps can have various causes, from aging to oral cancer. Aug 14, - Skin discoloration can be an embarrassing cosmetic concern, especially if it occurs on your face. Though There are many things that can cause skin discoloration on the face, most of which are minor. However Melasma is a skin condition that causes brown patches, most often on the face. According to. Annika. Age: 29. If you are gentleman looking for something really special and a little different, some adventure and eroticism to help you forget your everyday stress, than here i am here for you! What’s Causing White Spots on My Face and How Can I Treat Them? Sep 5, - So it's best to consult with a doctor if you notice any skin discoloration. One of the more common forms of hyperpigmentation is melasma, which is characterized by unsightly dark spots on the forehead, cheek, and area above the upper-lip. These spots typically appear on both sides of the face in a similar. Oct 22, - In this article, learn about five possible causes of white spots on the face. Why might spots They could be patches of discoloration on the face or small hard bumps. In this article It appears as pale pink or red, scaly areas on the skin, which clear to smooth white (hypopigmented) patches. There can be as.

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Taissia. Age: 24. Hello Gents It typically occurs on the face, particularly the forehead, cheeks and above the upper lip. The dark Symptoms. Darker patches of skin appear on the forehead, temples, cheeks or above the upper lip. Glycolic acid is among the mildest, and therefore has a lower risk of causing scarring or skin discoloration. Chemical peels. Dec 2, - Have you noticed some unevenness in your skin lately? Age spots, darkened areas, scars, pregnancy masks, and other types of skin discoloration can make you feel older than you are, and may encourage you to reach for harsh lightening products like hydroquinone, or even get you thinking about.


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