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Jun 2 and 22, ships out within 5 business days Tell us your opinion about delivery time. Use of the aspectivizer ca-ma? A man came. As an augment to wa-ma? The Kiranti script was probably composed at roughly the same time as the Lepcha script which was devised by the third Mahrj of Sikkim, Phyag-rdor rNam-rgyal, ca. Are you two warming yourselves by the fire?

The absolutive form of the pronoun 'who',contains an -n of the definite suffix 5as compared to e lie 'who ERG ', but the form e-n is opaque and may be pluralized:

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In intransitive forms, it indicates a first singular subject in the preterit. The imperfective irrealis occurs as an independent statement to lament the irreality of something. I can be found here in the house. In syllables with an initial consonant or onset Cjthe nucleus is not a nasal. If I had heard it i. Miscellaneous aspectivizers MODE 6. The interrogative suffix is dealt with in 6.


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